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May Is Electrical Safety Month

Posted by Don Tyler on May 9, 2017
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May has been designated as National Electric Safety Month by the Electrical Safety Foundation International.  Here are some important electrical safety tips to share with your employees:


Electrical  Safety.jpg

  • Don’t overload circuits by using adapters and other means to add plug ins to existing outlets.
  • Use the proper size extension cord for the tool or equipment you are using.
  • Watch for overhead power lines when moving equipment, especially on farmsteads and along the edges of fields where tall, folding equipment can catch primary wires.
  • Use Lock Out Tag Out procedures.
  • Inspect and immediately fix any circuits, wires, tools or other electrical equipment that tends to overheat, or has frayed wires or cracked insulation.
  • Only use meters rated for the voltage and load that you are measuring.
  • Review the different power disconnects in your operation as a part of this month’s safety training session.
  • Avoid working with electricity when you are wet, or in wet conditions.

Electrocution can occur in a heartbeat, and for very simple reasons such as a small break in insulation, improper grounding, carelessness, exposed wiring and a host of other avoidable conditions.  This month, take the time to focus on electrical safety to ensure that all your employees Get Home Safe every night.


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