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A Farm safety Tool

Posted by Marty Huseman on May 19, 2021

Consider this safety tool when addressing a task or chore.

Here's a simple safety tool to consider before addressing a task or a chore to be done. This could be a good topic to discuss at your next meeting. Each statement can have a specific reference to tasks you do in your operation. My two favorites are; "has anything changed and do I have the right tools?" Let's encourage everyone to just stop and think before they begin. 

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Grain Quality Equates to Grain Bin Safety

Posted by Marty Huseman on Nov 25, 2020

Working in and around grain bins exposes farmers and workers to serious hazards, including grain bin entrapment and engulfment. Despite more grain safety awareness, farmers continue to be at more risk due to more on-farm storage, farmers hanging onto their grain longer, and having larger unloading mechanisms that can entrap or engulf someone more quickly. 70% of engulfment happens on the farm. To combat these higher risk growers can utilize good grain storage practices to minimize the need to enter a bin.

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