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You Can Avoid Falls From Grain Bins

Posted by Marty Huseman on Oct 31, 2017

Falls in agriculture account for many serious injuries. One area I’d like to cover is falls from grain bins, silos and grain dryers. It’s difficult to quantify how many falls from bins there are because so many falls go unreported. Although less frequent than other falls in agriculture, falls from grain bins are more often severe to fatal.  In this blog, we raise several key issues that managers may consider for the sake of safety and fall protection.

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Topics: climbing & falling from heights

Climbing Grain Bins Safely

Posted by Good Day's Work on Nov 8, 2016

Falls account for most injuries in ag operations.  One of the more dangerous fall hazards faced by farmers and agricultural workers is climbing grain bins.  There are many reasons to climb grain bins; opening or closing manhole covers, moving spouts, replacing belts, checking spreader operation, checking the stirrator, checking grain level, checking grain moisture, monitoring grain quality, just to name a few.

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Topics: grain bins, climbing & falling from heights

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