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Posted by Don Tyler on Aug 17, 2017
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Blended Learning refers to the use of a variety of training tools to maximize retention of the material.  It may include a broad range of techniques including pre-knowledge assessments, performance goals,          e-learning, live training, individual training, post-knowledge assessments and virtual or live coaching.

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Though including all these elements in a safety training program would be ideal, few safety training programs provide all.  An effective training program needs to balance the training resources available and the time available for training.  Over time you can measure the retention of your training program by tracking the frequency of injuries and accidents, the attitudes of your employees toward safety, their daily habits and behaviors, and the overall safety culture of your business.  You then use the results of this continual monitoring to adjust your techniques and content to achieve the highest level of retention.

The techniques that currently achieve the best results for most agricultural programs utilize a blend of live training in a group, individual training using an e-learning platform, followed up with virtual or live coaching.  Each provides a unique approach that allows people with different learning styles, work experiences, personalities and backgrounds to learn at a pace that achieves the highest level of retention.  E-learning programs utilize web-based or computer based individual training to track a person’s performance and identify retention issues.  Live training allows the participants to interact with the instructor, share their experiences and reinforce the content.  Virtual and live follow up coaching provide continual support of key safety issues, builds personal accountability and enhances the company’s safety culture.

Keep all these elements in mind, adding more of the elements as you continue to build your training program from year-to-year and work to achieve your desired safety culture.

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