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10 Ways to Achieve Safety Compliance In Your Operation

Posted by Good Day's Work on Aug 23, 2016
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Agriculture is a dangerous industry. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make it safer. Below are a few examples of good practices that will make your operation safer.



  1. Read and follow instructions in equipment operator’s manuals and on product labels.
  2. Inspect equipment routinely for problems that may cause accidents.
  3. Discuss safety hazards and emergency procedures with your workers.
  4. Install approved rollover protective structures, protective enclosures, or protective frames on tractors.
  5. Make sure that guards on farm equipment are replaced after maintenance.
  6. Review and follow instructions in safety data sheets (SDSs) and on labels that come with chemical products and communicate information on these hazards to your workers.Take precautions to prevent entrapment and suffocation caused by unstable surfaces of grain storage bins, silos, or hoppers. Never “walk the grain.”
  7. Be aware that methane gas, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide can form in unventilated grain silos and manure pits and can suffocate or poison workers or explode.
  8. Take advantage of safety equipment, such as bypass starter covers, power take-off master shields, and slow-moving vehicle emblems.
  9. Always use seat belts when operating tractors, and establish and maintain good housekeeping practices.

Taking the extra time to ensure that your employees are safe and properly trained is always worth a little inconvenience.

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