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A Proper Thank You to Our Agri-Business Families

Posted by Good Day's Work on Nov 22, 2016
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Thank you. It’s not hard to say, but until this time of year, many of us rarely slow down enough to think about what we’re truly thankful for in our lives. Here at Good Days Work, we have so much to be thankful for—our families, our health, the opportunities ahead—the list could go on and on. But, first and foremost, we are thankful for you, the farm families that serve our communities.

farm family

You’re an extraordinarily special group of people. Working from sunup to sundown. Planting and harvesting crops. Caring for livestock and the land. Farming is not a job for you. It is a way of life that you love. Other people might not understand it, but we do.

We not only understand what you do, but we value and respect it. We’re reminded every time we sit down to a meal or walk through a grocery store. We have an affordable, safe and sustainable food supply because of your commitment to agriculture and your continued perseverance to succeed in such an uncertain and risky business environment.

We know a blog post isn’t a proper “thank you.” We’d like to look you in the eye, shake your hand and tell you face-to-face. That’s how you thank people who literally risk their lives to provide for you.

Agriculture is a dangerous industry. We’ve seen the statistics, and we can’t deny it. All we can do is work hard to change it. So, while we want to thank you, we also want to offer a helping hand with your farm-safety program. We built Good Days Work specifically for production-crop, livestock and other agribusiness operations like yours.

We know you don’t like to ask for help, but you don’t have to tackle farm safety alone. Give us a call or send us an email. There’s no pressure. Plus, we really do want to thank you in person for all that you do for us.


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