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Posted by Good Day's Work on Apr 20, 2017
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ATVs are a valuable part of many ag operations. They provide an easy method of moving men and materials from one part of the operation to another. However, careless handling of an ATV can result in severe injuries or fatalities. Here are a few tips to reduce the chances that you, your family, or your employees are involved in a serious accident.


Helmets, Yes, Even on the Farm

ATVSafetyHelmet.jpgThe most important piece of equipment you can use while operating an ATV is your helmet. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that, just because you’re driving from one part of your operation to another, you don’t need your helmet. Helmets aren’t just for recreational use. They’re essential anytime you’re on an ATV. An ATV that rolls over on you while performing important tasks has just as much likelihood to cause injury as one that flips on you while out riding trails.


Exercise Speed Limits

I know it’s tempting to gun that engine and drive your ATV at top speed. But remember that most ATVs aren’t designed for speed. They’re designed for work. The faster you drive, the greater your risk of losing control and flipping. We recommend setting a speed limit of 25MPH on your operation. Any faster than that and you risk serious injury should an accident occur.


ATVs can, and should, be fun and useful. But avoid the temptation to allow thrill and ‘convenience’ to trump safe operation.

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