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Does My Farm Need a Safety Director? (Part 2).

Posted by Good Day's Work on Jul 21, 2016
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Earlier this week, we discussed the first fundamental reason for having someone on your staff—even if it’s you—dedicated to safety. Having a single point person fulfilling this role is critical to maintaining the clear, consistent communication that optimizes safety among your employees

 safety director

But also, a second fundamental value is tied to this farm-safety role player—and not having someone who is dedicated to everyone's safety becomes glaringly evident at that otherwise nerve-racking time when an OSHA inspector comes calling.

During this moment of truth with the inspector, your safety director would prove to be indispensable concerning:

  1. Coordination—A point person who is empowered to stay sharp on OSHA regulations can keep your employees informed about what to expect and what to do during an inspection. If you have this person on staff, your employees can focus on their daily work, yet quickly be prepared to respond during an inspection event.
  2. Perception—If you have a dedicated safety director, you obviously take safety very seriously, creating an image that won’t be lost on OSHA. When this safety point person steps forward to greet an OSHA inspector, you’re scoring points before that inspector even takes out a pen.
  3. Efficiency—Here’s the understatement of the century: The quicker the inspection, the better. When one employee is dedicated to compliance, all the documents and reports an inspector will ask to see will be conveniently organized and easy to produce. That speeds the process along, easing the burden of the otherwise dreaded inspection experience and, again, scoring invaluable image points.

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