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Guarding PTO Shafts On Tractors, Training Is Critical

Posted by Good Day's Work on May 24, 2016
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Employees and seasonal workers come from many sources to be employed in the agricutural industry. Many agricultural workers have had no exposure to the agricultural workplace. Regardless of how workers come to work for you, all workers need to know how to do their jobs safely.  


Power Take-Off Guarding

Employees must be instructed in the safe operation and servicing of equipment which they operate. This is at the time of assignment and at least annually thereafter.  When it comes to PTO equipment, employees need to understand the importance of guarding and keeping shields in place. It is also critical that they recognize the dangers and the consequences of entanglement with PTO equipment. Every entanglement can be prevented with proper guarding, training and awareness.   

Why PTOs Are Dangerous

  • The speed and power of PTO equipment is often not realized (540 or 1,000 RPMs).
  • Within fractions of second, your hair or clothing can be torn off your body or worse, your body may wrap around the spinning shaft. Disfigurement, amputation or death are common consequences of PTO entanglements.
  • Operators become entangled in a number of ways, often involving hair or loose clothing such as:
    • Pant legs (loose or tattered)
    • Draw strings & shoe laces
    • Jackets, sweatshirts, loose shirt sleeves
    • Jewelry


Topics: machine guarding (PTOs/augers), agriculture, hazard communication, farm

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