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National Farm Safety Week: Investing In An Ag Safety Program Pays

Posted by Good Day's Work on Sep 24, 2015
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As we celebrate National Farm Safety Week, we’re reminded of the mission and purpose of the week—to raise awareness on the importance of safety in agriculture to help keep our farm families safe.

This ag-designated week also gives farm owners and operators a chance to pause and reflect, asking themselves these two questions: Are we being as safe as we could be? Are we focusing enough on safety? 



The following infographic provides background on the economic benefits of workplace safety and why investing in an ag safety program for you and your employees pays.

ag safety


As you can see, investing in such safety and health programs, employers can expect to reduce fatalities, injuries and illnesses. This will result in cost savings in a variety of areas, such as lowering workers' compensation costs and medical expenses, avoiding OSHA penalties, and reducing costs to train replacement employees and conduct accident investigations.

In addition, employers often find that changes made to improve workplace safety and health can result in significant improvements to their organization's productivity and financial performance.

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