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Personal Safety During the Holidays

Posted by Good Day's Work on Dec 20, 2016
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The holidays are a time for loved ones to gather and celebrate the season. But let’s not forget to practice personal safety – for both you and your family – during this festive time.


Seven Tips for Holiday Safety

  1. Leave ample time for travel. The weather can get pretty dodgy this time of year, so plan ahead and be prepared to encounter inclement weather.
  2. Don’t let your tree be a fire hazard. Purchase either a fire-resistant artificial tree or a fresh, green tree.
  3. Don’t assume your lights are outdoor-rated. Check your lights before stringing them up outside. Indoor lights used for outdoor displays could short out and cause electrical shock or start a fire.
  4. Turn off your lights when you’re away and while you sleep. Those light displays may look pretty and add to the festive mood, but they could short out and start a fire.
  5. Practice good food safety. Fully cook meats, wash fruits and veggies, keep hot liquids away from counter and table edges, and wash your hands frequently.
  6. Take care with fireplaces. Ensure that the flue is open before lighting the fireplace, and use a screen to keep small children at a safe distance.
  7. Be sensitive to the needs of elderly family members. Dementia can add challenges to families with aging elders. Let them help wash vegetables or do other familiar, safe activities. Let them sit in their favorite chair. Make sure sidewalks, floors, and walkways are clear. Have someone watching out for them, offering assistance where necessary.

Whatever your plans for this special time of year, we wish you and yours and happy – and safe – holiday season!

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