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Protecting Your Livestock from Fire

Posted by Good Day's Work on Feb 28, 2017
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Fire is an ever-present concern in many agriculture operations. Every year, 20,000 ag-related fires cause over $100 million in property damages. These types of fires tend to be more expensive than other industrial fires because of the loss in crops and livestock involved, in addition to buildings and equipment.

Chances are, you’ve already taken steps to reduce the risk of fire in your operation. But if livestock is your livelihood, there are a few additional things to consider.


  1. Heat lamps and young ‘uns. Heat lamps are an essential part of any livestock breeding program. Just make sure lamps are fixed securely so they can’t be knocked down into bedding materials.
  2. Use non-flammable bedding. Substitute alternate bedding materials, like dry sand instead of straw or wood chips, to decrease the risk of fire if a heat lamp does get knocked down.
  3. Keep wiring and electrical cords out of reach. Make sure all electrical wiring, including extension cords for heaters and heat lamps, are outside of livestock areas. Bored and curious animals will chew on exposed wires, increasing fire danger.
  4. Be prepared for outdoor fires. More than half of agricultural fires involve brush or grass. Have a heavily-grazed area or dry feedlot available to move livestock to in the event of a brushfire. Such areas can also serve as firebreaks.

Your livestock are important to your operation. It’s up to you to take the appropriate steps to ensure they’re protected from fire danger.


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