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Rollover Protective Structures

Posted by Good Day's Work on Apr 28, 2016
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Spring is the ideal time to get out on a tractor and clear those ditches and pastures that grew up the previous year and that winter has left looking ratty. Here are a few things to consider before you get out there and start mowing.


Roll Bars

ROPSRollovers.jpgBefore you do anything else, make sure your tractor is equipped with a rollover protection system (ROPS). A roll bar is the minimum structure you need. A partial or full cab is even better, providing roll protection from several sides. If your tractor isn’t equipped with a ROPS, then maybe you should leave it in the barn until it is.


Buckle Up!

A rollover protection system does you very little good if you don’t also use a seatbelt. You may think you can jump clear in the event of a rollover, but the fact is that in most cases there either isn’t enough time to jump or you simply can’t jump far enough. In either case, it’s very likely the tractor will roll onto you, resulting in serious injury. Use of a seatbelt with a ROPS ensures your best chance of surviving a rollover without injury.


Be Proactive and Keep Your Head on a Swivel

Of course, the best way to safely escape a rollover is to avoid one in the first place. Pay attention to the area in which you’re working. Note any uneven or unsettled ground that could slip out from under your tractor. Avoid rocks and loose gravel. Note any holes in the ground and steer clear.  Remember that spring and summer may include very heavy rains that create ruts in unfamiliar places.  Always be alert when mowing ditch banks, keeping a watchful eye for limbs, ruts, wildlife dens and tunnels, and other new hazards.


Your safety is important. Be smart, be aware, and take the necessary steps to make sure that you, and those you care about, don’t become the next statistic.

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