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Safety Reminder for Fall-applied Anhydrous

Posted by Good Day's Work on Oct 20, 2016
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Fall-applied anhydrous ammonia can be an economical and efficient way to get nitrogen for your corn crop and get a jump on next year’s growing season. Anhydrous ammonia has several advantages, including its relatively easy application and ready availability. However, there are also disadvantages and potential dangers involved in handling anhydrous ammonia.


Anhydrous ammonia must be stored and handled under high pressure, requiring specially designed and well-maintained equipment. In addition, to ensure their safety, workers must be adequately educated about the procedures and personal protective equipment required to safely handle this product. Check out this review of Using anhydrous ammonia safely on the farm from the University of Minnesota for some useful tips and reminders about handling anhydrous safely. Also, here is a useful Anhydrous Quick Checklist for inspecting all of your equipment including your toolbars, nurse tanks and applicators.


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