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Safety Training 101: Walking/Working Surfaces

Posted by Good Day's Work on Apr 18, 2017
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While those of us who run ag operations in colder climates are happy about the warmer temperatures that Spring brings, it’s a fact that the mud and rainfall of the season will make our working conditions more treacherous. The risk of slip, trip, and fall injuries increases significantly with the warmer weather – and not just because we can finally get back outside again.


Contact! The Three Point Rule

WalkingWorkingTerrain.jpgThe single biggest cause of injury from falls from vehicles on the farm is a result of failing to adhere to the “Three Point Rule.” Many knee, ankle, and back injuries occur because someone jumped from a trailer or truck bed onto uneven ground, or slipped off a muddy step or ladder when exiting the cab. The “Three Point Rule” requires that three out of four points of contact be maintained at all times when dismounting a vehicle. That means moving only one limb at a time. Following this rule greatly reduces the risk of injury.


Be Aware of Your Environment

It’s also good practice to exercise caution when working in inclement conditions.

  • Keep steps, ladders, and standing surfaces free of snow, mud, and debris.
  • Exit and enter facing the cab.
  • Maintain a firm grip on handles and rails.
  • Never jump from a vehicle or trailer. Landing on uneven surfaces is a common cause of preventable injuries.

We know how good it feels to be back outside after a long season cooped up indoors. Even so, this is exactly the time when we need to use common sense. Injuries incurred now, at the beginning of the season, can have a significant impact on your operation all season long.


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