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Agriculture Is On OSHA's Radar--Are You Prepared?

Posted by Don Tyler on Aug 3, 2017

If you have a dairy operation in Wisconsin or upstate New York, or a pork production facility in Minnesota, or a feedlot in the plains states, you know that OSHA has been looking at you with greater intensity.   Other parts of the country are seeing similar increases in inspection activity.  States with their own OSHA agencies have regulations that are more strict than those of federal OSHA.  With Agriculture being the last high-risk industry that they haven’t targeted for significant improvements, it’s only logical that they would go here next.  Additionally, it is now commonplace for a disgruntled former employee to report specific infractions to these agencies in retaliation for perceived unfairness or mistreatment.  If you aren't compliant, just think of that inspector going through your operation with a checklist, ringing up expenses to you faster than a teenage girl using dad's credit card to shop for the prom. 

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An OSHA visit: the worst day of your business

Posted by Don Tyler on Dec 13, 2016

Many things can happen in an ag business to make it a really bad day, and one of the worst might be a day that OSHA decided to stop by for an unannounced audit.  For some businesses that have regular inspections it may not be a major event, but for most operations it could be an expensive review.

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