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An OSHA visit: the worst day of your business

Posted by Don Tyler on Dec 13, 2016

Many things can happen in an ag business to make it a really bad day, and one of the worst might be a day that OSHA decided to stop by for an unannounced audit.  For some businesses that have regular inspections it may not be a major event, but for most operations it could be an expensive review.

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Did You Know? OSHA Is Set to Increase Fines This Year

Posted by Good Day's Work on Jan 7, 2016

We know you're trying to run a safe operation. No one wants to see their employees or family members sustain injuries -- or worse -- as they perform crucial functions around the farm. But accidents do happen, and OSHA has started paying closer attention to agriculture operations. And once you're on OSHA's radar, the likelihood of receiving fines for unsafe practices goes up significantly.

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