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Farm Safety Tips: Respiratory Protection and Keeping You Safe

Posted by Good Day's Work on Jul 27, 2017

Ah, the great outdoors—crisp, clean air and the refreshing smell of morning dew! Yes, this is just one of the reasons many of us really love farming. On the other hand, does farming generate hazards for our respiratory systems?  Not only is the answer a resounding “yes,” but some of the most treacherous respiratory dangers are actually unique to farming.

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Topics: Ag Safety, Respiratory Protection, Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet Saved His Life

Posted by Don Tyler on Jun 8, 2017

A dairyman was in a hurry to get some heifers treated and when going over a gate, accidentally stuck a syringe filled with a powerful cattle treatment drug in his leg, just above the knee.  He was unconscious before he hit the ground and laid in snow and mud for around four hours before waking up just enough to call for help.  A quick-thinking family member called their veterinarian so he could contact the EMT’s to be sure they used the right treatment.  If they had used their standard procedure for this type of reaction, they would have killed him instantly.  Still, he had to be revived three times on the way to the hospital.           

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Topics: Ag Safety, Farm Safety, Needlesticks, Safety Data Sheet

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