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Grain Bin Safety:  Have You Developed A Plan?

Posted by Good Day's Work on Sep 22, 2016

Grain bin entrapments are preventable if we follow the right procedures for entering a confined space such as a grain bin. U.S. grain stocks are at an all-time high, we are producing, moving, and storing more grain than anytime in US history.  It stands to reason engulfments, injuries and fatalities may rise if we don’t make a constant commitment to basic safety measures.

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Hazard Assessment: How to find the high risk safety issues on your operation

Posted by Good Day's Work on Aug 16, 2016

Compared to other industries, farm work is the most dangerous of all. Every year, more than 480 people in the US are killed performing ag-related jobs. Hundreds more are seriously injured. According to OSHA, it is the employer’s responsibility to evaluate the workplace and ensure a risk-free environment.

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lockout/tagout (loto): in osha's top 5 most cited violations

Posted by Good Day's Work on Jun 9, 2016


When you’re that “person” responsible for servicing or maintaining a piece of equipment, you want “peace of mind” knowing that nobody could or any situation could accidently startup that equipment while you’re working on it. The consequences of unexpected startup or a release of energy to employees can result in irreversible damage such as electrocution, crushing, cutting, burns, amputation and yes even death. Every employer must protect their employees with a LOTO program that ensures their safety. A LOTO program is not complicated to develop and implement, in fact there is plenty of help from OSHA and other sources to help you implement a program to protect your employees and your business.

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