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Is Procrastination Holding You And Your Safety Program Back?

Posted by Marty Huseman on Oct 12, 2017

It’s not uncommon to hear people say, “we are totally on board with safety training”, however their second statement is “but we can’t seem to get around to it”.  At the heart of this is procrastination. We all do it to some degree: putting off for tomorrow what should be started today.  We try to put things out of our minds but usually end up carrying the load subconsciously.


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No OSHA Regulation? General Duty Clause Says You Might Still Be Liable

Posted by Good Day's Work on Jun 22, 2017

What do driving ATVs, handling livestock pharmaceuticals and operating a dump trailer all have in common?

None of them has a formal OSHA safety standard. 

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Topics: OSHA, Ag Safety Program, General Duty Clause


Posted by Good Day's Work on May 16, 2017

Every farm needs an ag-safety program that complies with OSHA regulations, and your boss selected you to lead the project. You are definitely up for this new challenge. Although you know how important safety and health are to the longevity and success of the farm, you see just one, small problem—you don’t have time to become an OSHA expert.

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Topics: OSHA, Ag Safety, Ag Safety Program

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